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COMNET Conference & Expo, produced by IDG World Expo, is the catalyst for buyers and sellers in the communication networking industry to connect with the newest technologies and meet the experts driving the industry to a prosperous future. COMNET empowers network executives, service providers, carriers, suppliers/resellers and government agencies to make informed technology decisions for their network infrastructure at the beginning of each year. COMNET 2003 is a prime opportunity to learn from successful implementations of new technologies, with a special focus on security, web services, storage and wireless infrastructure.

COMNET Conference & Expo is big enough to provide a complete survey of IT and Telecom networking at the top of the year, and is also focused and manageable to ensure you’re noticed!

COMNET has performed in-depth research of the market and these are the products/services for the 2003 calendar year, which companies in the East Coast are interested in:

Carriers and Service Providers

WAN / Infrastructure / Switching Technologies
Internet / Intranet
Remote Access / Wireless
Network Security
LAN / Internetworking / Network Storage
Network / Systems / Operating Management
Supply Chain Management Applications
Collaboration Applications
Partnership Relationship Management Applications
System Integration / Middleware / Directory / Translation
Cable / Wiring / Facilities
Services – Outsourcing / System Integration / Training / Consulting

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