Attend Events Online

There are various ways online through which you can watch the videos online. Due to the lodging concerns, distance or cost, people prefer to stream the videos online when there is an event which they know off, and they wanted to attend it. Internet has made life easier with helping the people to access the events and attend them by sitting at home.

The technological advances help you in accessing various software which let you capture the moments from the events live. You can watch different kinds of events online or if you want you can also buy a VPN app so that you can browse securely to watch the online streaming.

Facebook Live

Facebook keeps you connected to all kinds of events all around the world al the time. If you have liked the official page of the event, you will be able to see the live streaming from the event with full functions. Facebook live shares all the happenings of the event which are happening there right in front of you through the screen.

The host pages allow you to attend the event online by going live and experiencing it right from the smartphone devices. You can also provide your feedback as you are streaming through the video and also see another count of viewers who are attending the event online.

The event planners get to use the Facebook live as a live streaming tool which makes them jump to the platform without any complexities.


Live is an app for live streaming which you can use for iOS, Mac and Windows computer. It let you stream the events online with hosting the sessions. Whether you are watching the event on YouTube or Facebook, you can stream it here for the easy access on your computer. It has a dashboard which makes it easier for you to reach to other audience.

There is a cost associated with using this service which many people opt out because of the secure connection which helps them stream the videos smoothly without any interruptions to watch the events online.

Open Broadcast Software

This software is used for the live streaming of video and also recording. You can use this software on a Windows computer along with Linux as well. There is informal tech support with open broadcast software which may not run well in the competitive world.

however, you can get help from the community forums if there is any problem with the software. This software is flexible to use with allowing users to bring modifications into the code and have the know-how of programming as well.

XSplit Free

If you are aiming to watch next event online, then choose this software as it can prove to be a solid choice for you. The event planners broadcast the event easily with flexibility on this software.

There are many options which are paid from standard to professional to take care with offering a variety of free options for the HD broadcasting. You have to make the payment, but that is minimal with the upgrade if you want to avail all the pro features of this software.


YouNow is a versatile option for you to stream events whether you are on the computer or the phone? You can go live and experience the event with the personal touch along with all the best capabilities of broadcasting events. The hosting is done through the event planners, and you have to click on the go live option to avail the service. You can search for any event easily on the application as it has a hashtag with it so that you can make it compatible with the device which you are using.

YouTube live

YouTube Live has become popular sometime as it is free of cost and people use it as a magical tool. It allows the broadcasters to work with it simultaneously with recording the event as well. Anyone can join the live stream along with commenting on it which the event planner can view.

There are invitations, chatrooms and a lot of other things to explore with the Youtube Live channel. It helps you in watching the events perfectly with streaming online without any hassle. There are also options for resolutions which you can watch online and share on the market with a massive audience on the other end.

the event planners do not get to know who is online and from where but you get to watch the event without any obstacle. You are there attending the event even if you are not in the same country.

The world has become a small place due to the access to the internet. With the amazing streaming video services, people are minutes away from attending their favorite events through smooth live streaming options online.